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Wine you don't have to Defend

Wine doesn’t have to be a “guilty” pleasure. Not for your health, wallet, or the environment. And, we feel strongly, that wine doesn’t have to be a delicacy enjoyed by a few. It should be enjoyed by all!

At Mathany Family Vineyards (MVF), we’ve created a high-quality, sustainable, Missouri-grown — and absolutely delicious— wine for everyone. Well everyone over the age of 21, of course!

Hi there! We’re Jedidiah and Jackie Mathany, the owners of MVF. We’re a:


Family-owned 10,000 square foot winery

Sustainablly-farmed vineyard

Located on the Lake of the Ozarks — or Dragon Lake!

Anchor’s Up!

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You can probably tell, but we’re passionate about wine.

In fact, Jed has traveled all over the world learning about grapes, the wine-making process, and perfecting his craft. He’s worked in vineyards and wineries from California to Australia to France, and more.

We’ve seen how wine bonds us together. Of warming our hearts and conversations.

One of my favorite stories is of Jed and my dad.

Before we were even engaged, Jed taught my dad how to plant and grow grapes to make wine. Going as far as to plant a small vineyard at my childhood home. It’s a special memory I’ll always carry with me.

That’s why, in 2015, we moved to the lake to be closer to our families, start a family of our own— and with a big dream to share our love of wine with our new neighbors!

Sustainable Knowledge from around the world

Jed’s brought his knowledge from all over the world, so we can provide you with the highest quality and most sustainably made wine right here in Missouri.

We’ve worked tirelessly to create a welcoming environment where locals and tourists alike can relax after a long day (at work or on the water), share their stories, and sip on delicious wine they feel good about. We even have kegs available we know you’ll love.

We’ve carefully selected, planted, grown, and harvested our vineyard using sustainable practices.

We use nature’s own tools, like the moonlight and rainfall to keep our plants healthy and thriving. Never harsh chemicals or pesticides.

We believe wine should not only taste good but also be as good for you and the environment as possible. We’ve built that idea into our entire process, sustainable from vine to glass.

We believe in keeping our wine accessible and enjoyable to all.

We know how special it is to enjoy wine alongside a favorite cheese and experience it in a new way. Or how it heightens the laughs shared with friends.

That’s why, at Mathany Family Vineyards, you’ll always find affordable, hand-crafted wine from people who care— whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a little overwhelmed by anything that doesn’t come out of a can, you belong here.

Ultimately, MFV is a place for you to enjoy.  A place to experience Wine You Don’t Have To Defend.

We can’t wait to share them with you!

The Mathany Logo

Our logo is full of meaning and very special to us

The dragon is for our “home”, the Lake of the Ozarks which is shaped like a dragon when viewed from above. Fun fact: Jed’s fraternity also had a dragon as one of its symbols!

The bear was included because I call Jed my “grizzly bear”. He even had the phrase engraved on his wedding band, which rests somewhere among the grapevines at our Bear Creek Vineyard.. And that a bear is on the MO state flag!

The upside-down anchor used to be how fishermen showed they were on their way home after a long day on the water. We included it as a symbol for our winery to be a safe place for you to come back to. It’s also where “Anchor’s Up!” comes from.